The Sala 
Located at 250 Sukhumvit Road · Bangkok  · 
Thailand · 
Phone: +66 2649 8365 · 
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Beverage list

Selection of bubbly, white wine, red wine, rose wine, domestic beer and imported beer

Daily: 7.00 - 22.00 hours.

Fresh Fruit Juices

Orange, pineapple, watermelon, or lime฿ 220

Coconut ฿ 150

Fruit solo฿ 280

freshly squeezed juice of your choice

Chilled juice

Cranberry, grape fruit or apple฿ 190

Chilled Thai herbal drinks

Lemongrass or ginger฿ 190

Iced tea drinks

Iced tea soda, iced tea ice cream soda, Thai iced tea฿ 190

Iced coffee drinks

Coffee frappé, coffee yogurt, coffee milk shake, iced chocolate฿ 190

Hot beverages

Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, espresso, cappuccino, café latte or hot chocolate฿ 160

Black teas: english breakfast, earl grey, darjeeling฿ 160

Green teas: jasmine, oolong, herbal teas: peppermint, camomile, (caffeine free teas)฿ 160

served with your choice of cold, hot or low fat milk, cream or lemon/honey milk, low fat milk or soya bean milk

Mineral water

evian, perrier, san pellegrino 330 ml฿ 170

evian, perrier, san pellegrino 750 ml฿ 290

Domestic Beer

Singha, tiger, heineken, asahi, carlsberg, chang, san miquel, san miquel light฿ 250.00

Imported Beer

Corona฿ 320.00

cider beer 3 flavors฿ 180.00

apple,peach or raspberry

Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic฿ 300.00


Cocktails฿ 350

Bloody mary, caipirinha, cosmopolitan, daiquiri, dry martini, mai tai, manhattan, margarita, mojito

Lava flow฿ 350

white rum, pineapple juice, coconut and strawberry sauce

Frozen daiquiries฿ 350

your choice of fruit juice, white rum, triple sec and lime juice

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Cinderella, fruit daiquiries, fruit punch, shirley temple, virgin colada, virgin mary฿ 280


Pepsi, pepsi max, 7-up, sprite, coca cola, coke zero, tonic, ginger ale, soda water฿ 150


Frozen smoothie฿ 280

vanilla yogurt blended with your choice of fruit (strawberry, banana, mango watermelon or cantaloupe)

Smoothie classico฿ 280

fresh strawberry blended with banana, lime juice and orange juice

Mango madness฿ 280

vanilla yogurt blended with fresh mango, milk, lime juice, orange juice and chopped ginger

Just dew it!฿ 280

blended fresh honeydew melon, lime juice and fresh mint leaves

Cristy smoothies฿ 280

blended fresh apple,orange juice and lime juice

Refreshing mocktails

Bananarama฿ 280

banana and honeydew melon blended with lime juice

Pineapple strawberry฿ 280

fresh pineapple and strawberry blended with orange juice and lime juice

Fresh ginger beer฿ 280

blended fresh ginger, lime juice and brown sugar topped with ginger ale

Banana mint฿ 280

blended vanilla yogurt with fresh banana and mint leave

Pink journey฿ 280

blended vanilla yogurt with fresh lychee, pineapple juice and red syrup

Fruit juice combination

Pineapple and apple / pineapple, orange and lime / mango and orange฿ 280

Vegetable combination฿ 280

Carrot, apple and ginger / carrot, beetroot and pineapple / carrot, orange and pineapple